Storm King’s Thunder: Introductions

Tonight, the campaign begins for Storm King’s Thunder, a D&D 5th edition adventure.  I have very limited experience with 5th edition, so anyone reading this take notice: I am not a professional, and I do not claim to be great.  I am starting this blog to share my ideas and experiences in this campaign.  I welcome constructive criticism, and I encourage anyone who likes my ideas to use them in your own campaigns if you wish.

I have a party of only three characters, which may present challenges, especially since all are fairly new players.  I believe in having fun above all else, and I may not enforce all rules 100%.  I will lean on the side of fun and party survival if necessary.  That being said, I am not afraid to kill characters if it is warranted.  All three players have put good work into their characters, and I do not wish to discourage them with early death.

The following is a brief introduction to the party:

Alnryn, the Drow Ranger

Alnryn was born the second child to Matron Dadaron of House Kyth’Shala, a minor house in Menzoberranzan.  As the first daughter, she would be the heir apparent.  Unfortunately, her house refused to support a rival house, Nyxal, in their endeavors to aid the powerful house Xorlarrin in fortifying their position near the dwarven stronghold of Gauntlgrym.  This refusal led the houses Nyxal and Xorlarrin to attack house Kyth’Shala and attempt to completely obliterate them.

Fortunately for Alnryn, her older brother Maldrun caught wind of the attack and managed to flee with his sister before the assassins struck.  While they were pursued through the underdark, Maldrun stood to fight while ensuring his sister escaped, telling her he would catch up.  However, Alnryn reached the surface and never found Maldrun.

She continued to run as far as she could, until she passed out from exhaustion.  She awoke in a tent, under the care of a half-elf ranger named Delaan Winterhound, who was in the company of a massive white wolf.  The ranger helped Alnryn to search for her brother for months, but they never found any trace, even when entering the cave from which Alnryn had come.  Delaan then taught Alnryn to survive in the wilderness, honing her natural skills and becoming a ranger herself.

Later, Delaan would be summoned to Waterdeep as a representative of the Emerald Enclave.  He brought Alnryn with him, believing it was time that she put her skills to use in protecting the wild places and serving the good people of the realms.  He called upon her to travel to Nightstone, where they have been having trouble with goblin attacks.

Rhogar, the Dragonborn Fighter

Rhogar grew up in and around Waterdeep, having escaped slavery with his family from the western continent of Returned Abeir.  He became fascinated with the world of Faerun, and while he was trained in martial skills as a fighter, he also had a great interest in knowledge and the arcane.  Most of his kind told him he was wasting his time in books, but he continued to study, hoping to possibly learn arcane skills himself some day.

Once when he was serving as a caravan guard, his group was ambushed by members of the Cult of the Dragon.  Rhogar awoke to find himself chained to a cave with two of his comrades and face to face with a gargantuan blue dragon.  The dragon seemed to take special interest in him, since he was a blue-skinned dragonborn.  Rhogar watched in horror as the dragon turned one of his friends into a stone statue, which then animated as a gargoyle.

The dragon introduced herself as Iymrith, the dragon of statues, and then turned her attention to Rhogar, aiming to add him to her “collection.”  Thankfully, the Emerald Enclave came to the rescue, with Lady Shadowmoon the powerful elven druid leading the way.  She used her magics to protect the group from the dragon’s breath and temporarily blind her with a powerful light spell.  In the chaos, everyone managed to escape.

One of those aiding Rhogar’s escape was the ranger Delaan Winterhound, who then recruited Rhogar to join Alnryn on the mission to aid Nightstone.

Imsh the half-orc Druid

Imsh grew up among an orc tribe and showed gifts early in nature magic.  Naturally, he was chosen to serve Gruumsh as a shaman.  However, he showed more interest in animals, plants, and the natural world in general than turning his abilities to war.  Because of his failure to aid the orc war machine, and because he had disgraced the great Gruumsh One-Eye, he was exiled from his tribe and left to die in the wilderness.

However, his innate abilities gave him the ability to survive, and when he encountered a group of wood elves, they were surprised to find one of his race so attuned to nature.  The elves took him in and helped him to further focus his abilities toward protection rather than destruction.

Recently, his small circle of druids was summoned by the Emerald Enclave to the huge farming community of Goldenfields, where they were to aid in the planting and harvest of crops.  After having a conversation with a living tree, Lifferlas, the young half-orc druid heard a loud crash followed by bells of alarm.  Goldenfields was under attack!

A grizzled half-elf ranger called out for Imsh to follow him to the wall and aid in its defense.  While somewhat afraid, Imsh followed.  He nearly lost his footing on the wall when a huge boulder struck it just as he reached the top, but he was steadied by Delaan.  He looked out from the top of the wall to see a small force of goblins, bugbears, and ogres in retreat, having been peppered with arrows from the wall archers.

However, the most fearsome site was the two Hill Giants standing at a distance and hurling large boulders at the wall.  Eventually, the two giants retreated along with their other forces.  Many grew concerned that giants were so bold to attack settlements, especially those as large as Goldenfields.  Imsh used his abilities to revive some of the injured, and his talents caught the eye of Delaan, who recruited him to help with the mission to Nightstone.

Thus our three heroes met at Waterdeep and left south on the highroad toward Nightstone.  And here our adventure begins…


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